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Gail Davidson of Big Seeds and her collaborators, in particular on the ‘Wake for a vanishing world’ project, acknowledge the connection between the climate and other environmental crises. And the threat of current and future homelessness, disease, food and water shortages and poverty for millions of people around the world, as well as the major damage being caused to our natural ecosystems.


We recognise our responsibility to reduce our carbon and environmental footprints and formally commit ourselves and all our practices to be sustainable, regenerative, inclusive and environmentally positive.



  • earth care, people care, and fair share – the three core values of permaculture
  • inclusivity – making the regenerative community practices accessible to all everyone
  • cooperation,not competition – with the human and more than human world
  • trust and transparency – creating a culture of trust through truth telling and transparency.

Pledge to work towards


  • reducing our CO2 emissions to net zero by 2025
  • complying with environmental legislation
  • building regenerative communities
  • partnerships with the local community and suppliers, wherever possible
  • conserving energy and reducing water usage where possible
  • working in clean and environmentally conscious spaces
  • protecting natural resources
  • working with collaborators who share our ethos.

Practical actions so far


  • green hosting for Big Seeds website
  • primarily facilitating community grief tending workshops and village outside at the Centre for Ecotherapy in Stanmer Organics, Brighton
  • supporting organisations like Tamera Peace Research and Education Centre in Portugal, the Centre for Human Ecology in Glasgow, and the Centre for Stewardship in Fife in their regenerative communications and storytelling.


Reviewed annually – last updated March 2021