Big seeds

Seeding regenerative stories,

through words, practices and ritual

Seeds are nature’s alchemists of change and a source of life.

Even the tiniest of seeds are bursting with big designs, for themselves and their place in the larger symphony of life.

Words are like seeds – they have a creative power. Together with a strong design, they create rich and authentic digital stories.




Quantitative & qualitative, UX research & persona creation, market & competitor research


Planning & Design

Branding, tone of voice, style guides, wireframes, governance frameworks, copywriting


Build, search engine optimisation, marketing & maintenance planning

A bit about me

A passion for storytelling as a child developed into a passion for content and communications design.

‘When I hold a seed in my hand, I am touched by the wonder of it, that something so small tells the story of the soil and spring, contains the flower, the fruit. All of life seems present…the spark that contains a whole life waiting to be lived.’

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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