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Read my full professional CV, & how a passion for storytelling as a child developed into a passion for communications design.

My Curriculum Vitae

My career as a digital consultant began in 2004, and since then I’ve worked across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

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Content Design

I’m a storyteller – I have been since early childhood when I’d create short books with illustrations. And I always had a strong moral compass – Aesops Fables was my favourite book as a child. This grew into a teenage desire for social justice, which led to my law degree.

Disillusioned by a disappointing experience with the legal system while at university, I knew I didn’t want to practice in a system I had no faith in, and fell into legal publishing on graduating. Going back to books and product development satiated my creative needs.

In the early noughties, everything was going digital, including legal publishing. So after travelling around the world for a few months, I jumped into digital consultancy. Mainly working as a consultant across Westminster as part of the Transformational Government programme, to rationalise their digital estate and make better content and user experiences.

Since then, I’ve worked on many interesting projects, focusing on user needs and designing dynamic content ecosystems on large information-based websites. I also freelance on smaller projects which resonate with my ethical values.

My New Story Design

I consciously stepped out of full-time working in 2013, and since then have spent time focusing on living more sustainably, in community, retraining in permaculture design and learning to live with the rhythm and cycle of nature. I love what I do. Creating communications that evoke a connection in both the writer and reader is deeply satisfying for me. There is a saying: ‘The shortest distance between two people is a story’.

When asked to describe myself at the New Story Summit in 2014, I pondered how to pull together the last 10 years of professional and personal experience into something that made sense. I realised that I’m a designer at heart. My digital consultancy focuses on systems design, information design and communications, permaculture is ecological design, I design my own homemade products – raw food treats and organic beauty products, and I knit.

I love to create worlds from patterns.

“Expressing grief has always been a cathartic experience and a rebalancing mechanism, and I believe it is a part of building the foundation for any new story we might want to tell.”  Pat McCabe

Regenerate (def):

1 : formed or created again
2 : spiritually reborn or converted
3 : restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state

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