Write your ending

A creative workshop reflecting on the past and planning for the future, and ultimately your end. Leave with an advance plan and talisman for your journey.

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See Advance plans for more detail of what you can include in your advance plan and statement of wishes.


A creative workshop that invites you to be the author of your own story, and in doing so, write your ending. Because endings matter. 

“We all want to be the authors of our own stories, and in stories endings matter.” Atul Gawande

As we look back, we reflect on the tapestry of our life and stories that stand out and shine a light on who we are. Looking forward to when we are no longer here, we reflect on our legacy and what we want to leave behind. In the process, we think about what we need to let go of, to be able to create the ending of our dreams

Led by Death doulas who are trained in advance planning and end-of-life support, this is a workshop for people of all faiths, and people who have no faith. 

Why attend?

If you don’t make an advance plan, you and your family and friends could face challenges in getting you the type of support you want.  

Research also shows us that writing your ending in an advance plan offers many benefits. It:

  • improves the quality of your care
  • improves outcomes for both you and your friends and family
  • reduces caregiver burden in case you don’t have capacity
  • increases the satisfaction of care for both you and your family
  • improves communication between you and your healthcare providers
  • you get to choose where you die – hospital, hospice or at home
  • you get to make decisions about what treatments you want to refuse.

I’m passionate about supporting you to open your awareness and expand your choices. It’s not about welcoming death, but rather living fully and at your most alive until the moment you die. On your terms.

I believe that preparing for dying and death invites beauty, joy and reverence. And we welcome them all on the day.

Video: An Act of Love | Greg Wise

Greg is one of the patrons of End of Life Doula UK, where I’m a member and on the committee supporting member wellbeing.

What we’ll cover 

Our day consists of:

  • Honouring those who came before us
  • Legacy for those that come after us
  • Building altars for ancestors, life and death
  • Creative writing and creating talismans (no crafting skills needed!)
  • Discussing fears and death myths
  • Creating an advance plan 

“The truth is, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.”  Morrie Schwartz

Next workshop

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